Sponsors & Credits


The Nantucket Historical Association gratefully acknowledges the generous support of its exhibition underwriters.

Lead Underwriter
Charina Endowment Fund

Maureen and Edward Bousa

Patricia S. and Thomas J. Anathan
Christy and Bill Camp
In memory of Georgia Gosnell
Barbara and Amos Hostetter
Helen and Hampton Lynch
Susan R. and L. Dennis Shapiro

Susan and Bill Boardman
Mary and David Brown
Connie and Tom Cigarran
Caroline and Douglass Ellis
In honor of Susan Boardman
Janet and Rick Sherlund

Mariann Berg (Hundahl) Appley
Esta-Lee and Harris Stone

Winnie and Chris Mortenson

Exhibition Crew

Curator: Michael R. Harrison
Historian: Betsy Tyler
Exhibition Designers: Helen Riegle
HER Design
Matthew Kirchman and Jack Pittenger
Digital Media and Web Exhibition: Al Novissimo, Mary Novissimo, and Chris Mason
Novation Media
Collections Manager: Tony Dumitru
Editor: Elizabeth Oldham
Boat Construction Assistance: Matthew Smith, Naval Architect
Michael Allen, Tidal Creeks Boat Works
Egis Meidus, Meidus Builders, Inc.
Construction Team: Andy Harris
Kathrina Marques
Edwin Rudd
Manny Sylvia


Entry to the original 2015 exhibition at the Nantucket Whaling Museum.